Eight Dollar Mountain

Eight Dollar Mountain serves up high-energy, traditionally-inspired bluegrass for audiences up and down the West Coast. Their hard-driving rhythm pulls you onto the dance floor, with a clear, purposeful sound reflecting the roots of mountain music, blues, and old time country. Eight Dollar Mountain sounds familiar, like the tunes coming from grandpa’s back porch, yet their energy carries the bluegrass tradition into the 21st century.

“Eight Dollar Mountain have created a fertile space for bluegrass to grow in the Pacific Northwest, continuing to help lift the coastal fog with bright string band songs” – The Alternate Root

“There’s so much consistently good material here by the members—featuring fine lyrics and melodies, engaging characters, and compelling situations—that it’s hard to single out the best ones. Just get ready to travel on highways or railroads, enter penitentiary walls or family kitchens, and encounter lovers and pioneers and hobos” – Bluegrass Unlimited

“The group plays with a nice groove and energy, and it’s just plain fun to listen and dance to…you can tell by listening to them that they love what they do.” – Jefferson Monthly

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